Best Dentists in Baja California Mexico

City Overview

Baja California is a famous northern Mexican state, bordering San Diego and the US.  It is one of the longest peninsulas in the world that extends into the Pacific Ocean from the south end of California.

Baja California peninsula is renowned for its dramatic sea and landscapes, rough terrains and canyons, remote desserts, old colonial towns and dormant volcanoes. Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, touring wine routes are the activities to enjoy in Baja – so as sailing, deep-sea fishing and surfing.

Baja’s intermingling of cultures – Anglo, pre-Hispanic, Hispanic and Latino brings a wonderful combination that it creates its own identity apart from mainland Mexico.

Youthful and senior tourists mostly from North America, Canada and neighbouring countries visit its border municipalities – Tijuana, Tecate, and Mexicali to avail of its inexpensive yet high quality dental and medical care, prescription medicines and experience a culture unlike any other.

Baja California is slowly making its mark as one of the best in destinations in the world for healthcare and dental tourism.

GPS Coordinates of Baja California: 

Location of Baja California within Mexico is: 30 degrees 00′ north 115 degrees 10′ west.


It varies from mediterranean to dry.


The legal currency is Mexican Pesos. However, the US Dollar is being used in many border cities.


Spanish is Baja’s main language but English and other languages are widely spoken.

What to do in Baja

Cave Paintings – visit archaeological sites in rugged mountains.

Fishing – Baja is one of the best places in the world to go underwater fishing!

Whale Watching – Baja is one of the best places in the world to watch dolphins and whales in the wild.

Snorkeling & Diving It has one of world’s diverse marine life accessible to scuba and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Kayaking Camping and kayak tours are available in wilderness and marine national parks.

What to Eat & Drink

Chinese restaurants in Mexicali are also well-known, as well as Fish Tacos from Ensenada and San Felipe. Beer, wine, tequila and sangrita are must tries and one of the best in the world.

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