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Dental Crowns in Mexico

Top Packages for Dental Crowns in Mexico

Dental crowns in Mexico is develope as a method to save teeth damage and to protect and restore the full functions of the bite, at a fraction of the cost found in the USA or Canada.

Dental crowns are custom-fitted over a tooth that has suffered from decay, breakage, or has been chipped.

Crown Insertion Procedure:

After carefully examining the teeth thru taking x-rays and CAD/CAM technology, the dentist will be able to prepare the cracked or damaged tooth and create an impression of your teeth. The impression or mold is then sent to a dental laboratory where a dental design technician create the crown. Until the permanent dental crown is made, a temporary crown is fit over the tooth to provide additional protection against further damage.
The complete crown is typically bond to the damage tooth using adhesives or dental cement.

Cost of Dental Crowns in Mexico

The cost of Denatal Crown in Mexico is based on the materials used, the geographical location of the dental clinic/office and the location of the tooth to be replaced by a crown. You can also include the experience of the dentist as part of the cost.

The prices for dental crowns in the US can range from $650 to $1,450 per crown depending on the materials used, and on the location of the tooth. The cheapest cost of a dental crown in the US is $650 for a metal crown.

In Mexican cities such as Los Algodones, the cost of Dental Crown in Mexico ranges from $160 – $450 depending on the type of materials used. The cheapest you could find are the metal crowns that can be purchased as low as $160 per crown. Also, in Los Algodones, you can purchase a crown with an abutment for only $300

There is also a Best Dental Crown package you can avail wherein you can choose from a porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM) that costs $160 per crown or an E-max that starts at $300 per crown. The package also includes your transportation from airport to clinic and back, hotel accommodation at Hacienda Los Algodones (rates as low as $30 per night exclusively for dental patients) and FREE shuttle service between the clinic and hotel. Another city you can visit to have your crowns placed and fixed is Tijuana, where a porcelain crown can cost from $200$338.

How much are Dental Crowns in Mexico?

TreatmentLos AlgodonesTijuanaUSA
Gold$600---$740 - $1,390
Metal$160---$650 - $1210
Porcelain / PFM$160 - $260 - $300$200 - $265 - $338$760 - $1,450
Zirconia$140 - $400 - $450$465$1,000

Dental Crowns

The Materials Used in Dental Crowns in Mexico

Dental crowns are madeup of porcelain or acrylic. They are fuse to metal and slip and glue over broken or damaged teeth. Similarly, Crowns are also custom made to fill in the spaces between teeth.

Gold Crowns

Gold crowns used to be quite popular, though their use has diminished in recent years. Nevertheless, for individuals with extremely strong byte patterns, or for large teeth at the back of the mouth such as the molars, gold is an exceptionally durable and strong substance that offers superlative protection to a tooth that is not highly visible.

All porcelain dental crowns

Natural looking and lighter.

All ceramic dental crowns

These dental crowns are the most popular today.

Zirconia dental crowns

This type of crown, because it does not need a metal center, is lighter, more realistic looking, and has a better appearance.

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)

This type of crown is strong, design with porcelain over a metal core structure. However, consumers should know that the edges of the metal core may show at the gum line. When considering this type of crown, discussed porcelain fused to metal crown options with your dentist.

The best candidates for Dental Crowns in Mexico include patients who:

  • Have old crowns that need new crown replacements
  • Need dental implants
  • Have major tooth decay (that still have efficient tooth structure for the crown)
  • Chipped or cracked teeth (that still have efficient tooth structure for the crown)

Benefits of Dental Crowns in Mexico:

  • Protects the tooth from further decay or damage
  • Restore your teeth’s strength
  • Allows you to chew and bite normally again
  • Allows you to enjoy all the foods you love
  • Restores your old smile
  • Restores lost self-esteem
  • Cost of Dental Crowns in Mexico is much lower then other countries

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