Wisdom teeth removal in mexico

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mexico

The wisdom teeth are normally the last teeth to erupt. If they are healthy and functional, they can be useful. However, there are certain reasons that make their extraction compulsory. Also, there are several cases when, even if the wisdom teeth are healthy, the extraction is still necessary for reasons of orthodontics.

In some situations, wisdom teeth grow crooked due to the lack of space and only erupt partially through the gum, being completely misaligned. In these cases, they cause a number of inconveniences, such as swelling, pain and abscesses. Pressure on other teeth and the bone tissue may damage the patient’s teeth permanently, even if the teeth are otherwise healthy. Sometimes, molars which didn’t fully develop can lead to the formation of cysts and, in unfortunate cases, tumours that could destroy the entire jaw.

Being very difficult to clean, the wisdom teeth often develop very deep cavities and should be, therefore, removed. These are some of the reasons that make their extraction an optimal choice.

Procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mexico

A surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth (or teeth) is common with most young adults. Prior to the procedure, the dental office will take a panoramic x-ray in order to give the dental surgeon a focused and clear view of how the wisdom teeth are situated and an indication of the extraction difficulty.

During the procedure, the oral surgeon will cut into the patient’s gum line to expose the tooth, from which point the extraction is performed pretty much in the same way as a simple tooth extraction.

Initially, a local anaesthetic is administered in order to make the procedure painless. Extraction begins when the spot of extraction is numb. The tooth is moved into the socket with special instruments. After the dentist grasps and loosens it from the connective tissues within the tooth socket, the wisdom tooth is permanently extracted with dental forceps.

The incision will be closed with a couple of stitches, which either dissolve on their own or are removed by the dental surgeon.

A wisdom tooth that has partially or fully broken through the gum line is called an erupted wisdom tooth. In these situations, a small incision can offer additional access to the tooth by which the oral surgeon may utilize the dental forceps in order to loosen and extract the tooth.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mexico

The cost of Wisdom teeth removal in mexico will depend on the location of the tooth, surrounding nerves, and the difficulty of removal. Usually, patients who undergo the procedure of  Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Mexico may spend an average of $100 per tooth.

Los AlgodonesTijuanaPlaya del CarmenCancun

$80 - $180

$136 - $180



$229 - $300

The Best Candidate for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mexico:

The best candidate for wisdom teeth removal is patient who:

  • have a wisdom tooth that has been seriously weakened by extreme wear and tear, dental disease, or an injury
  • have a wisdom tooth that was badly cracked, broken or decayed
  • have impacted wisdom teeth – there isn’t enough room in the patient’s mouth for all teeth to properly develop and cause several issues


  • reduction of pain
  • avoiding swelling
  • avoiding misaligned teeth
  • avoiding infection

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