Dental Treatment in Mexicali Mexico | Ultimate Guide for Dentistry Vacation

Dental Vacations in Mexicali Mexico

Dentist in Mexicali Mexico becoming very popular and Mexicali is becoming trending destination for dental treatment nowadays. Every year, around 1,000,000 Americans cross the US-Mexico line for dental the travel industry in Mexico.

You can arrive at Mexicali by street from Calexico, California. The two ports of passage on this boundary receive numerous voyagers. This isn’t just an entryway for vehicles, yet in addition for American culture into this Mexican city Dental Tourism Destinations.

About Mexicali Mexico

The name “Mexicali” for Dental Treatments comes from the blending of the words Mexico and California. Its authors were homesteaders from the two sides of the line. The town has one of the biggest Chinese people group in Mexico.


The capital city of Baja California, Mexicali is situated in the northwest piece of Mexico. Mexicali Valley is known to be one of the greatest and most useful valleys in Mexico. More than fifty distinct assortments of harvests develop on Mexicali Valley.


The town is casually known as Chicali. Mexicali has four principle shopping centers. Most visited shopping center: Plaza La Cachanilla, one mile from the US line. The town produces a-list brews. Little bottling works offer an assortment of lagers as far as taste and attributes.


The principle language is Spanish. English is spoken possibly by the vast majority. Due to its worldwide standing, different dialects are additionally spoken. Chinese, Japanese, German, and French are a portion of these.

Mexicali Travel guide

Mexicali is a modern town and it’s safe for sightseers. Simultaneously, one should play it safe. Here is guide for save traveling in Mexicali Mexico:

Tips for visiting Mexicali:

Travel Tips

  • Use expressways and don’t drive alone or around evening time.
  • Try not to wear costly watches or gems.
  • Be more cautious when visiting banks or ATM.
  • Join up with the STEP Program. It will send you alarms from the US government.

Crossing Border

  • Check holding up hours online prior to voyaging.
  • Evening hours, occasion or ends of the week might have a huge delay at the boundary.

Mobile Networks

  • Contact your specialist organization to know whether they have an understanding in Mexicali.
  • Most cell phones with American transporters work in regions near the global line.

Top Dental Clinics in Mexicali Mexico

Here are several Dental Clinics with top Dentist in Mexicali Mexico that you can choose and visit. Don’t hesitate to make reservation and tell your problem with top dentists in here:

Dental Elizondo Group in Mexicali Mexico
Dental Elizondo Group in Mexicali Mexico
DG Dental Dr. Diana Gastelum
DG Dental Dr. Diana Gastelum in Mexicali Mexico
Dr. Omar Valero Periodontist in Mexicali Mexico
Dr. Omar Valero Periodontist in Mexicali Mexico
LIF Orthodontica Y Especialidades Dentales – Top Orthodontics in Mexicali
LIF Orthodontica Y Especialidades Orthodontics in Mexicali

Dental Work in Mexicali Prices

Check below for more information about Cost of Dental Treatment by Dentist in Mexicali Mexico, so that you will prepare your budget well:

All on 4 Dental Implants$4,180
All on 6 Dental Implants$5,400
All on 8 Dental Implants$7,780
Teeth Whitening$100
Dental Fillings$120
Cosmetic Dentistry$139
Dental Implant$149
Dental Veneers$320
Dental Crowns$347
Dental Work in Mexicali Mexico Pricelist

Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of problems, as well as patients conditions and chosen dentist in Mexicali Mexico

Why Choose Dentist in Mexicali Mexico?

Here are several reasons why many patients like to have Dental Treatment from dentist in Mexicali Mexico:

Proximity to the Mexico-USA Border

  • Mexicali imparts its line to USA’s Calexico, California.
  • Street travel distance: 24 km/14 miles.
  • Travel by means of a vehicle, uber or transport through Mexicali-Calexico line.
  • Calexico-West: Border crossing course SR 111 (U.S.) to Fed. 5 (Mexico).
  • Calexico-East: Border crossing course SR 7 (U.S.) to Blvd A. L. Rodríguez (Mexico).
  • You can check live sitting tight an ideal opportunity for passage by means of any path of Calexico-Mexicali border.

Low Price, Fast Service

  • Enormous reserve funds on treatment when contrasted with USA.
  • Clinics furnished with a Dental lab, saving money on rethink lab work.
  • Minimal expense of work in Mexico influences the generally speaking price.
  • Average cost for basic items in Mexico is about portion of what is USA’s.

A Safe Location

  • Mexicali is a protected and agreeable climate.
  • Tijuana’s top law requirement authorities regularly visit here without protectors.
  • A few authorities even raise their families here.

No Malpractice Insurance

  • Dental specialists don’t have to pay high expenses for protection as in the U.S.A
  • Less cost to the dental specialists means the minimal expense of dental consideration.

Roadside Aid for Medical Tourists

  • Presented in January 2020, explicitly for clinical sightseers.
  • The arrangement gives auto risk and full inclusion protection for drivers.
  • Incorporates clinical clearing, and legitimate and side of the road assist with an every minute of every day “live case observing contact center”.

List of Dental Procedures Performed by Dentist in Mexicali Mexico

Here are several selections of Dental Procedures offered by dentist in Mexicali Mexico that you can choose. You can try to discuss with Dentists in Mexicali about the best dentistry treatments that you want:

FAQs About Dental Tourism in Mexicali Mexico

Here are several questions that often asked by traveler when they want to get Dental treatment form Dentist in Mexicali Mexico:

Is passport required for Dental Tourism in Mexicali Mexico?

To enter Mexicali by street or ocean, you are not needed to show your passport. Notwithstanding, when you are returning home, you want to introduce it. If you take a flight, you want to top off the Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) structure. This is the vacationer’s grant at the air terminal.

The Immigration office at the air terminal will stamp both your visa and the FMM structure. Keep your identification and the Visitor Permit protected during your outing. This is to keep away from any issues returning home.

Can I park in the US and walk across the border into Mexicali?

Indeed, strolling across the Calexico-Mexicali line is conceivable. It is more secure to rest your vehicle in a paid parking garage. You should convey your visa for return to the USA. Additionally, visa is important in case you’re not a US resident.

Will I get a complete itinerary of my Dental Vacation in Mexicali Mexico?

Indeed. Customer Representative will set up a definite schedule. This will incorporate the period of time you can spend in Mexicali and the sort of treatment you really want. You will get an email implication for the equivalent.

What documents do I need to carry when in Mexicali for Dental Work in Mexicali Mexico?

For an issue free dental outing, you should convey:

  • Your visa
  • Any substantial picture ID card
  • If you have any dental protection strategy
  • US dollars or potentially credit or check cards
  • Important clinical and dental reports, for example, X-Ray reports, MRI/CT filters, pathology reports, and so forth

How do I pay for my Dental Treatment in Mexicali Mexico?

Pay whenever it might suit you! Through Cash (USD), Traveler’s checks, Checks, or Credit/Charge Cards (Visa, Mastercard).

I have an American dental insurance. Will the Dental Care in Mexicali Mexico accept it?

You can contact the provider whether they provide payment using insurance service or not. The staff will likewise assist you with related desk work.

Video about Dental Vacation in Mexicali Mexico

You can check below Dental Video that can provide you with insight about how you should start your journey for Dental Vacation in Mexicali Mexico:

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Dental Treatment in Mexicali Mexico | Ultimate Guide for Dentistry Vacation