Matamoros: Your other Gateway to Affordable Dental Care

Dentist in Matamoros Mexico is the best choice for dental patients. Matamoros is located in Taumalipas, a northeastern Mexican state near the southern bank of the Rio Grande. It is among binational metropolis (such as Tijuana) located on the US-Mexico border. Others connect Matamoros to Brownsville (American state of Texas) because of its proximity hence its nickname Borderplex.


Top Dentist in Matamoros Mexico:

Dr. Alfredo Pedraza is a top Dentist in Matamoros Mexico. Their specialty includes orthodontics and other dental care solutions.

GPS Coordinates of Matamoros: 

Location of Matamoros within Mexico is: 25.8797 degrees north, 97.5042 degrees west


Matamoros boasts of a humid subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters. Its summer temperatures can range from 30 to 40 °C while in the months of July to August, heavy rainfall is expected. Its mild winters range 0–10 °C usually accompanied with drizzles, fogs and rain.


Mexican Pesos (legal currency), USD (widely accepted and used)


Spanish and English

Dental Scene in Matamoros

Border cities in Mexico such as Matamoros offer convenience in travelling and affordable dentistry options. Like in Tijuana, the city of Matamoros is emerging as another border city with affordable yet high quality dentistry services. Dental tourists who travel to Matamoros are satisfied with the good experience and results. Expect almost 75% savings. Best of all, they cater to a wide variety of specializations. Among them are Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, and Orthodontics.

Dentist in Matamoros Mexico take pride in helping you achieve ideal oral health. Dentist in Matamoros Mexico focuses in preventive and comprehensive dental care. Dentist in Matamoros Mexico believe that you as patients are assets and should be provided with information for you to be capable of making informed decisions regarding your oral health and treatment choices. In behalf of Dentist in Matamoros Mexico, we look forward to seeing you here in one of our dental clinics!

How Matamoros Can Help You Save for Dental Services

Traveling From The US

Dentist in Matamoros Mexico

Driving using a car  

Follow the International Blvd. to travel south out of Brownsville until you cross over a short toll bridge (for US$2) and immediately you will be on Alvaro Obregón Avenue. Border customs and security in the US-Mexico borderzone presence is not threatening. Easily you can immerse yourself into the trafficked streets of Matamoros. However, do not forget to obtain a vehicle importation permit or a tourist card, if you plan to tour Mexico, farther than 15 miles of Matamoros.

Border Crossing MATAMOROS

Border Crossing – Papers Needed To Cross the Border

Always bring your passport if you are planning to return to the US. Another important document is the vehicle importation permit or tourist card. Acquire it first thing on the borerzone if you plan to visit farther destinations or locations more than 15 miles from Matamoros.

Where to Eat

There are a lot of restaurants, cafes and eateries in Matamoros that serve Mexican and international cuisine.

Mi Pueblito offers Mexican cuisine and dishes like beef fajitas, Mexican style tenderloin, and sautéed Mexican style mushrooms are the best sellers.

Restaurante Bar Garcia´s offers more than Mexican cuisine as it is beautiful restaurant with a separate bar, live music. You can choose seafood, steaks, and traditional Mexican dishes with a soup and salad for only $13.

Mi Torito Mexican Grill is known for their soft tortilla, fajitas and Tampiquena plate.

Where to Stay

Here are some mid-range accommodations you can avail at Matamoros.

Best Western Hotel Plaza Matamoros is located at the corner of 9th St. and Bravo St. It is nice, modern hotel with a twist. Bookings are priced US$50-75, which already includes breakfast and parking.

Roma Hotel, which is located across over at 9th St. is cheaper compared to the Western Plaza. Meals like breakfast are also served.