3 Simple Ways to Verify Your Dentists License in Mexico

3 Simple Ways to Verify Your Dentists License in Mexico
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3 Simple Ways to Verify Your Dentists License in Mexico

Before booking a dentist in Mexico, it’s a must to verify your dentist’s licensure credentials to ensure your safety during a procedure. Here are 3 simple ways to verify your dentist’s license to practice dentistry without being too nosy.

First, let us know some important details of your dentist’s license. In Mexico, if a dentistry applicant wants to practice dentistry in Mexico, he or she must pass an exam provided by the Colegio Nacional de Cirujanos Dentistas (CNCD) to be fully certified.

Usually, after passing the dentistry board exam, your dentist receives a registration certificate from the licensing board indicating his name, certifying he has passed the exam. Also, license details (name, address, birthdate, license number, legal professional title) are often placed on an ID format so that in case the license needs verification, he can just show it.

3 Simple Ways to Verify Your Dentists License

There are simple ways to verify your dentist’s license without being too inquisitive.

Here are ways you can check your dentist’s license, without being too inquisitive.

  1. Visit your dentist’s clinic. When you’re at the dentist’s clinic, check if your dentist’s registration certificate is displayed in its premises. Most dentists display it because it adds credibility if they do. Sometimes, some assertive patients ask about and would like to see their registration certificate.
  2. Check the ID badge. In most medical centers or hospitals, they require their health workers, like doctors and dentists to wear their licenses like their ID badges. So that just in case their credibility is questioned, it can be verified easily.Most healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and dentists reregister or renew their licenses every three years, to be able to practice their professions without legal problems.
  3. Verify through the accrediting board of dentistry, in their country of origin. If you are still unsure of your dentist’s credibility to practice, you can verify his or her license through websites of the accrediting board of dentistry. You need to input the following data such as profession, license type, last name, first name, license number, county, city, state, and zipcode.

In Mexico, the Asociación Dental Mexicana (ADM) or Mexican Dental Association is the regulating body that standardizes high ethical standards and practice of dentistry in Mexico. As a member of ADM, a dental practitioner must undertake 40 hours of continuing education every two years to be able to maintain professional membership. ADM highly values and encourages continuing education to maintain professional dentistry competence and standards. If you have questions or wish to verify dentist’s license, you can call or check the websites of the associations they belong to.

For orthodontists, you can check at Asociación Mexicana de Ortodoncia (AMO), for pediatric dentists, verify at Academia Mexicana de Odontología Pediátrica (AMOP) and lastly, if he is a periodontist, check at Consejo Mexicano de Periodoncia (CMP).

If you have questions regarding the license credibility of your dentist, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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