Top Cities in Mexico for Dental Tourism

Los algodones Top citie in Mexico for Dental Tourism

Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico

Los Algodones, Baja California, is a small Mexican town located on the extreme northeastern tip of the municipality of Mexicali, approximately 16 km west of Yuma, Arizona, USA…

tijuana Top city in Mexico for Dental Tourism

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Tijuana is the Top cities in Mexico for Dental Tourism. It is located in the heart of the industrial and financial area of the city and close to the best restaurants, shopping centers and tourist attractions…


Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Mexicali is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California. The city maintains a highly educated and skilled population, as the city has modernized and become…


Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

Tecate is a small city in Baja California, Mexico and the municipal seat of Tecate Municipality. It is located on the border with Tecate, California. Tecate’s nearness to the US..


Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Matamorosis located in Taumalipas, a northeastern Mexican state near the southern bank of the Rio Grande. It is among binational metropolis (such as Tijuana) located on…