How to choose a dentist in Mexico border towns

How to choose a dentist in Mexico border towns
Dentists in Mexico

You have probably stumbled upon this article about how to find a dentist in the border towns of Mexico because you are most likely looking to find cheaper dental care and have heard about the dental work available for you in dental offices in Mexico border towns.

Regardless of where you come from or how you came across that information, we are here to help you in your quest. Mexico dentists are plentiful in the border cities and trained just like the ones you would encounter in the USA or Canada. Therefore, see below a few tips about how to choose the right one for you.  

1. The first step in choosing a dentist across the border is to overcome the cultural discomfort of traveling for professional dental services beyond your neighborhood. “What if I choose a bad dentist?” may be the greatest fear when you’re coming from a different town. Well, have your internet browser ready and relax. “Bad dental care” is quite rare nowadays because of all the quality controls in place. The worst case scenario is for you to choose an average dentist who charges like he was the best.

2. Research your dental office or dentist options thoughtfully, shortlisting your candidates down to four to six dentists and interview them. Make your decision based on who made the most sense to you. Because the dentistry in the border towns of Mexico is of world-class quality while also being affordable, you will find multiple dentists along the border. The Asociación Dental Mexicana (Similar to the ADA in the US)hasover5,000dentists in Tijuana alone. Dentistry along the US-Mexico border is very serious business and has been so for some while now. And because of the high numbers of patients coming from the US and recently Canada, some of the dentists have even started to apply for memberships at the American Dental Association. Some dentists in Mexico even have studied in the United States or are currently teachers there.  

3. Technical approach vs. Comprehensive approach The dentists in the Mexico border cities are many yet each has his or her own approach that satisfies one or another patient need. Thus, while some patients will enjoy getting a great dental treatment without being bothered with technical details, others like to discuss their options, and they would go with the dentist who handles everything personally.

4. What to look for in payment options? Payment methods are very important in overall patient satisfaction: usually, if the dentist in your chosen Mexican border town will offer easier terms, the patient will remain a patient of that dentist and also stay longer in the border city. All dentists accept cash payments. You might be surprised to find how many Mexican dentists actually prefer dollars instead of pesos. Credit cards are widely accepted also, major credit cards go in most dental offices across the US-Mexico border. If your insurance covers your dental work, there are a number of dentists in Mexico who handle the communications and paperwork with your insurance company.

5. All in one versus specialized services Depending of your service needs, there are three types of dental clinics which you can choose from. Patients from north of the border might go for specialized dental care with one dentist. On the other hand, U.S.-style dental clinics that offer dentistry services and are clustered in a US-style clinic, having multiple dental specialists in one place can be a better alternative for them. Also, cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX or tummy tucks, besides the root canals and dental implants tends to be the simpler and more cost-effective for other patients.

6. The cultural barrier and freebies Dentists along the Mexico-US border have accommodated to the needs of their northern patients. They speak fluent English and, with the specialized staff medical tourism, they are happy to suggest reliable cabbies, hotels, and restaurants. Some will pick-up their patients’ from the border, having shuttle services included in the cost of the dental treatment or even hotel stays.  You can find out which of these services you can benefit from by discussing with the dentists or their office managers.

7. What to expect Mexican people are famous for their compassionate way of being. There are many medical tourists who have stated this with regards to the way their border dentist has treated them, from the doctor-patient relationship perspective. Even though this may not be a general practice among all the dentists in Mexico, it is a well-known fact that Mexican culture values compassion more than Anglo-Saxon cultures. It is highly likely to find your Mexican dentist spending more time with you, answering your inquiries and concerns. Apart from the hospitality and compassion, you should also expect a greater efficiency than back at home. Because Mexico border dentists know you’re coming from afar, they try to get more done in each visit, hence a number of patients have noted how quickly their treatments progressed. Warranty is another important fact that you can expect from your dentist. He or she will stand behind their work with warranty certificates in most cases that will vary from 5 years to lifetime. If you’re not happy with what work has been done, you can ask your dentists about it directly. They need the opportunity to fix it or to explain to you why they did it that way. In extreme cases, you can sue for malpractice – the C.A.M.E.-B.C. , the state watchdog organization, will help you file a grievance informally, quickly, and for free.

8. Whom to believe Recommendations of friends and family can be as reliable as their suggestions for clothes, books, and blind dates: in some cases they are good or they can backfire. Selecting your dentist is a personal decision, in the end. But asking them for recommendations can help you short list candidates with at least one credible vote in their favor.

Consider asking your friends and family who can give such advice follow-up questions such as:

Was it easy was it to make an appointment?

Did you have to sit in the waiting room?

How long?

What were your treatment options?

Did you understand them?

Were you comfortable asking your dentist questions?

How did your dentist handle emergencies (your own or others’)?

Has your bite improved or is it back to normal?

Do you feel sensitivity/pain with hot or cold food/liquids?

What payment method did you use for your treatments?

9. Questions for your short listed dentists Choosing a dentist is simply a matter of researching your alternatives and selecting the one you like best. Here are a few specifics for that research: If you have dental insurance, check with your provider to find out how they handle out-of-network claims. Bring your insurance information with you when you come to Baja California. Select a short list of candidates and interview them all. Ask your dentists about the professional groups they belong to. Ask for an estimate, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. Prices and treatment plans vary the world over and from one door to the next. Ask your short list to let you speak with some of their existing patients.

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