How to choose a dental clinic in Los Algodones Mexico

How to choose a dental clinic in Los Algodones Mexico
Dentists in Mexico

How to choose a dental clinic in Los Algodones Mexico

Did you know, Los Algodones is known as the Molar city of Mexico? Well! Most people have probably never really heard the name of Los Algodones but this quaint little town situated on the northeastern tip of Mexicali is one of the best places on this planet for dental care.

Take a walk down the road!

This sleepy little town accessible via Interstate 8 from the US comprises of a friendly community and stands trapped somewhere between small city environments with cosmopolitan dreams. Don’t be fooled by the laid back life that people here are accustomed to, the small city wraps up quite a punch! It has open air cafes and curio shops and you can always take a walk around the small town to explore the richness it hides in its bosom.

The small town has a population of 5,500 residents and crossing the border at Los Algodones is not a problem at all. There is a huge parking lot on the US side and you can simply park there and walk down through the checkpoint.

There are plenty of curio shops dotting the streets of this small town and you will find everything from a ceramic vase to a Mexican clay cowboy with guns and from hair accessories to hammocks. In between the curio and art shops, there are pharmacies and a liquor store that is really stocked up in varieties of Tequila!

The town is home to several optical stores and if you have been fancying some aviator style glasses then you would definitely enjoy being there.

Dental Clinics Everywhere!

It is like in a huge marketplace that sells only one thing – dental clinics! Yes, Los Algodones is like the Las Vegas of Mexico except the bright LED lit or luminous signboards dotting every nook and corner are not about Baccarat and Roullette – they talk loud about why this small town is called “molar city”. Yes, every nook and corner, every street, every parking lot has hundreds of boards that claim to offer the best dental care.

If you are visiting Los Algodones for the first time then these signboards are definitely going to give you a bout of dizziness. It is like finding your way out of a dense forest only to reach a crossroad with 10 different turns. It’s funny how easily you can get lost in this small town when it comes to finding the right dental clinic.

Note: Here’s something interesting about this town. The town of Los Algodones is only around four square blocks but the moment you set foot in the town, you will become a hot commodity!

There will be plenty of people with bunch of business cards of a variety of dental and eye clinics ready to take you to a place that they claim to be the best and guess what? You will even get a good discount! So that’s how it all goes!

Is there actually a best dental care clinic?

You are probably asking yourself if there are any state of the art dental clinics in this town. The good news is that there are some and it’s definitely not easy to find them especially when you are surrounded by hawkers.

There are in excess of 300 dental clinics and 900 dentists, which means your work becomes difficult, right? Wrong!

Here’s what Edmond Hewlett, professor at UCLA and spokesperson for the American Dental Association has to say about dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico, My best advice is to plan very carefully … and know what you are signing up for. What are the standards that are in place, say for regulation of the dentists in that country? What sort of safety guidelines is in place in the offices?

Check out these rules to follow when looking for the right dental clinic in Los Algodones Mexico:


This is the most important rule. Don’t just walk into Los Algodones, do your research over the internet. Check out the dental clinics that have an internet presence and compare the various services offered by them.

Note: Only the few best dental clinics have internet presence.


Find out if there are any US based agencies or websites that offer medical tourism packages in Los Algodones, Mexico. This would be your safest and best bet because those specializing in medical tourism will take you to the right place for example; Placidway has a reputed list of dental clinics such as Sani Dental or Nava Dental that provide high quality dental implants and other dentistry services at a competitive price.


It is important to identify what you are looking for. Here are 4 key factors that you should consider:

  • Treatment: What type of treatment do you require? Will it be a root canal treatment, dental crown replacement, or dental implants?
  • Budget: What is your budget? For example, dental implants in the US cost $4,500 onwards for a single tooth but in Los Algodones, you can get it done for 70% less. If you have a budget in your mind then it will make your work easier as medical tourism agents like Placidway can find the right clinic for you.
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of your travel to Los Algodones? Is it purely medical or are you thinking of simply taking a holiday. In fact, you can mix travel and dental check-up in a neat little package and believe it or not, you will be surprised at how cost effective it can be!
  • Service: What type of service are you looking at? Are you willing to take a risk and walk down to the first dental clinic you see or do you want your dental implant treatment to be supervised by some of the best dental surgeons in Mexico?

It is a common fact that most people, who walk in without conducting proper research, end up getting dental treatment done at the first clinic they find. The result is that they have to come back to the US and spend a few thousand Dollars for restorative treatment. Why? It is because all that glitters is not gold and all the dentists in Los Algodones are not as experienced or certified. So, mishaps happen!

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