Dental Implants vs. Conventional Dentures

Dental Implants vs. Conventional Dentures
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Dental Implants vs. Conventional Dentures

When it comes to dealing with missing teeth, it can be quite challenging to work out the best solution. For instance, how do you choose between  dental implants vs. dentures to replace your missing teeth?

To help you understand the key differences in having dental implants vs conventional dentures, we’ll break it down so you can decide what kind of dental solution is right for you!

Dental Implants

For a lot of people, dental implants are the common choice to go with today. Not only are dental implants a more modern option, it can provide you with a sturdier foundation right into your jawbone.

The Good

  • They are definitely stronger than dentures, given the way they are surgically placed.
  • When looked after and maintained, they can easily last for twenty years – or longer, without having to be replaced.
  • They are the perfect choice for those who have one or two gaps in their teeth and would like them to be filled in.
  • With a strong jaw, you can take a fair amount of pressure with dental implants.

The Bad

  • They are expensive in comparison to dentures – you’ll have to pay a fair amount to get each individual implant purchased. (But implants are now cheaper in Mexico!)
  • Given the requirements of the procedure, this is not suitable for everyone – it requires a strong, healthy jaw that can take the pressure of the placement process.
  • They usually aren’t the best choice for those who have several gaps in their teeth due to the needed strength of the jaw. (But this can be improved with the help of bone grafts as advised by your dental specialist.)

Conventional Dentures

Tried and tested, conventional dentures have been used for many years as the go-to option. Depending on jaw strength and overall health, they can be the only option open to you, but provide a reliable and steady solution in medium-to-long term.

The Good

  • Dentures are improving all the time, and have come on a long way since they first started being used.
  • They are the most common option, and are reliable replacements for your old teeth.
  • They are suitable for those with weak jaws and/or gums who want to fill in gaps.
  • They can be used en masse to fill in as many gaps as you like.
  • Dentures are more affordable in comparison to the price of dental implants.

The Bad

  • Without regular maintenance and care, they can easily decay and promote decay in the adjoining teeth alongside them.
  • They can fall out if not secured with an adhesive and looked after properly, which can be highly embarrassing if done when eating or when talking to someone.
  • They aren’t going to last as long as a dental implant and will need replacement.

So, now you can see that dentures are the more “value” option; they are reliable, steady and solid but aren’t as effective. Implants are the more solid, but more expensive option compared to dentures. Now, what option will you choose?

Depending on the condition of your jaw, it’s best to seek help from a dental specialist as soon as possible to find the best option for your missing teeth!

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