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M&R Dental Studio have one of the best Dentist in Tijuana Mexico. Book online now and get Invisalign, Cosmetic Braces & Sealants at our office! We provide a variety of options for improving your smile alongside current innovation to give you peace-of mind that comes from knowing we’ve got it covered when caring about comfort and wellness above all else.

Our team will work with whatever needs YOU may have – whether they be cosmetic dentistry like veneers or whitening services on top teeth; an emergency situation requiring fast action (such as extractions).

Treat yourself to a dental appointment with us! We offer various payment choices and information on your treatment early. You’ll find that our office makes sure you are well taken care of during every visit, no matter what type it is – routine maintenance or emergency situation requiring immediate attention – so don’t hesitate any longer; let’s get started right away!

Benefits of Choosing M&R Dental Studio

Here are the top reasons to choose M&R Dental Studio for your dental needs:

  • The New Tijuana Dental Clinic is a Mexico City-based center that offers quality treatments at affordable prices.
  • With their personalized service, you can be sure to get the best treatment for your teeth and gums without worrying about cost!
  • The staff will work hard in making sure everything goes smoothly during each visit so there are not any unnecessary worries or fears; this guarantees patient comfort too because they make it easy as possible when accessing information on what needs attention next (i.e., appointments).

List of Treatments by M&R Dentist in Tijuana Mexico

Check below information about list of procedures of Dental Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico by M&R Dental Studio:

Dental Fillings

Though tooth loss is usually irreversible, there are cases in which it can be repaired. We use a technique called onlays where we rebuild your missing tooth with porcelain or gold fillings so that you get back the smile of yours!

Dental Crowns

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental crowns that provide a solid grin and practical nibbles.

Non-Surgical Root Canal

This creative treatment can secure your normal teeth and stop you from needing dental implants or frameworks.

Sinus Lift

The most widely recognized procedure for patients with bone misfortunes in their upper jaw, a sinus lift is an excellent way to unify both sides of your face.

Bone Grafting

The dentist may use a technique known as uniting to fix an extractor site with insufficient bone design. This is because of past gum infection or wounds, and it can be helpful in these cases when there are no other options left for treatment!

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction is a surgical procedure that removes some of your teeth in order to prevent further damage. Teeth could be removed because they are seriously rotted or have progressed periodontal sickness, but other times it may just be necessary for safety reasons since you broke something else!

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can be a great option for people who have lost teeth or want to make their smiles brighter. Dental bridge treatment is used in place of traditional implants, which attach onto adjoining regular toothpicks; however these connections do not last forever because they’re only fixed when both sides agree that it’s time!


Dentures are a prosthetic device that replace missing teeth and supported by the surrounding soft tissues of your oral cavity.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can be used to help protect your teeth from tooth decay. The thin coating, when painted on chewing surfaces of molars or wisdom teeth may prevent cavities for many years!

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a revolutionary way for people who have lost teeth to get back on their feet. The person receiving this treatment will be able eat anything without worrying about pain, and they can smile with confidence knowing that facial features won’t change or become altered over time like before!

Cost of Dentist in Tijuana Mexico by M&R Dental Studio

M&R Dental Studio offers high quality Dentist in Tijuana Mexico with affordable Cost for Dental Treatment. The staff is professional and experienced to give you comfort throughout your visit while ensuring amazing results! For more information on M&R rates or how they can help schedule now click below

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Dentist in Tijuana Mexico by M&R Dental Studio

Here you can discover information about top Dentist in Tijuana Mexico with certifications from ADM, ITI and ADA at M&R Dental Studio:

  • Eduardo Borboa
  • Alejandro Barcenas
  • Maribel Tirado
  • Marilin Figueroa
  • Adriana Rojas

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