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Costamed Playa Del Carmen – Best Dental Solution in Mexico

Costamed Playa Del Carmen is the right and trusted choice for patients who have dental problems. In addition to Dental Treatment, this facility also provides certain treatments, such as Anesthesiology, Cardiology, General Surgery, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Radiology, and others. Not only providing dental treatment to residents, especially those in Mexico, this hospital also provides medical tourism for patients who come from abroad.

With experience since 1998, Costamed Playa Del Carmen ensures to meet all patient expectations and gives the best attention so that any health problems suffered by patients can be resolved to the maximum. With the guarantee of a hospital that is always open 24 hours non-stop, you will be able to get emergency treatment so that the condition of critical patients can recover quickly.

This hospital also has a number of branches located in several locations, including: Costamed Cozumel Hospital, Puerta Maya Dental Office, Costamed Playa del Carmen Hospital, Costamed Tulum Hospital, and Costamed Puerto Morelos Hospital. Each of these Medical Centers has the latest facilities and technology, professional and certified doctors, and responsive receptionist service.

Advantages of Using Costamed Playa Del Carmen

There are some advantages that you will get from using Dental Treatment in Costamed Playa Del Carmen. The dental services here will ensure that you can get the best treatment for the dental problems you are experiencing, including basic dental problems, as well as complex dental problems. You will be able to get a beautiful smile as usual and overcome the problems you are experiencing without losing the function of your teeth. Some advantages that you can get, including:

  • Expert Dentists in here can provide solutions for various dental problems experienced by patients. You can find all things related to cosmetic dentistry, full and partial dentures, orthodontics, and dental surgery here.
  • Costamed Playa Del Carmen comes with Telemedical services that can be used for patients from all over the world. Patients will also be able to get attention without being constrained by long distances and regional differences.
  • Medical Service always opens 24 hours – 365 days per year. It is a very useful facility for patients who want to get help in an emergency condition.
  • Always prioritizing the use of the latest technology for various medical procedures, and also providing the most complete facilities for its patients.

Dental Procedures in Costamed Playa Del Carmen

Below are some of the dental treatments and procedures available at Costamed Medical Group. Before carrying out the related treatment, you can consult with a specialist first, so that you will be able to get the best treatment that suits your needs. Some of the dental treatments you can get include:

  • General dental prophylaxis
  • Laser whitening
  • Filling with same-colored resin as the dental organ
  • Inlays
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Implants

Costamed Playa Del Carmen Prices Lists

In addition to Dental Solution, at Costamed Medical Group, you will be able to get various solutions to any health problems you are experiencing. The following is a price list for general treatments, for those of you who want to get specific treatment and need a specialist; you can contact the hospital directly.

Medical ServicesCost
Medical Check-Up Package$258 – $1,092
Rapid Blood Test$90

Costamed Medical Group Doctors

Don’t hesitate to get the best medical treatment from the Specialists in Costamed Medical Group, in the Mexican Caribbean. This is where you will be able to find solutions to your health problems. Some of the experts/doctors available are:

  • Dr. Ricardo de Jesús Segovia Gasque – General Surgery, Gastroenterology
  • Dra. Alaide Caballero Rodriguez – Otorhinolaryngology
  • Dr. Carlos García Rosado – Pediatrics
  • Dr. Ricardo Plancarte Sánchez – Anesthesiology and Algology
  • Dr. Ricardo Montero Méndez – General Surgery with specialty in Endoscopy
  • Dra. Daniela Michell Aguirre González – Neonatology
  • Dra. Carla García Castanedo – Ginecology and Obstetrics
  • Dr. Rodolfo Arellano Cervantes – Neurosurgery

Why Choose Us

The best and quality health care is very important for you to get. You need specialists who are reliable and available 24 hours to solve the problems you are experiencing. Especially in times of a pandemic like Covid-19, you need treatment quickly so that even acute health problems can be handled quickly and best. Here are some reasons why Costamed Medical Group is highly recommended:

  • A hospital that continues to innovate and use the latest technology for its patients.
  • The specialists here highly uphold integrity and professionalism in their work.
  • Easy communication between patients and specialists so you will be able to tell all your complaints comfortably.

Always prioritize Dental Clinic that can provide you with the quality and comfort you need. If you need more information about Costamed Medical Group, you can click the button below:

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