Cheap Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico

Cheap Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico
Dentists in Mexico

Cheap Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico

Most dental insurances provide full coverage for oral prophylaxis (cleanings) and X-rays, but when it comes to tedious dental procedures such as root canals, dentures, crowns, and implants, they usually only pay half. Like any other insurance, there are lifetime limits and there are annual dollar limits on dental costs. Once you’re over the limit, your dental care is too.

Dental Implants Tijuana MexicoThat’s why a great deal of medical tourists – especially Americans opt to cross Tijuana, Mexico for affordable and high quality dental care. Have you ever wondered why dental implants are cheaper in Tijuana, Mexico?

Since Tijuana is just across the border, there are plenty of dental clinics in that area. Because of the large number of dental clinics, it connotes a competitive market, thus the low cost on dental procedures. While maintaining prices low and affordable, treatment standards are of high quality. Not only that, dental clinics strive to specialize in every dental procedure needed. You might be surprised that dentists in Tijuana are also US-educated and licensed, making dental procedures safer and much like back home. In Tijuana, a single dental crown can cost you $300 compared to about $1,200 in the US. For dental fillings, a Mexican dentist can charge you only $60 versus $400 back home, while a dental implant could cost $450 compared to $1,000 in the US. In fact, many dental patients can afford better quality of services and materials in Tijuana than they could back home.

But due to the negative publicity about drug violence, many medical tourists have a lot of qualms about crossing the border because of the threat on safety. Although much of these negative reports are overdone, the Tijiuana border is the most heavily trafficked border with thousands of tourists (medical and alike) traveling to and from the US every day without any safety concerns. Moreover, your time would be spent in the dental office not at the border crossing, so fret not.

Setting an appointment can be a tedious process but these days, a lot of dental care centers and clinics have websites so information can be easily accessible. Focusing on salient details such as educational qualifications and background (of the dentist), location and cleanliness of the clinic, website quality, English-speaking staff and add on services such as shuttle services (to pick you up from the border to the clinic), assistance to hotel reservations and restaurants nearby can truly help.

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