Best Dentist in Mexicali Mexico – The ultimate Guide

A brief description of the city

Mexicali or Chicali, is the capital of Baja California, located on the northwest part of Mexico, immediately across the border from Calexico (California). Its proximity to the US makes it a very common tourist destination, especially for back packers and day-trippers. Mexicali is also adjacent to a number of airports that’s why it’s very accessible for travel and dental tourism.

GPS Coordinates of Mexicali Dental Tourism:

Location of Mexicali within Mexico is: 32 degrees 39′ 48″ north 115 degrees 028′ 04″ west.


Dubbed as “the land that captured the sun,” Mexicali has a very hot climate especially during the summer. Temperatures can reach above 37°C during the summer while it is cooler throughout the year.


Mexican Pesos is the legal currency but the US Dollar is widely used and accepted.


Spanish (main); English (also used); Chinese (Mandarin), French, German & Japanese (used for business)

Travel from Yuma and San Diego


You can visit Mexicali and arrive by plane to any of these airports –San Diego International Airport and Yuma International Airport. Because of Mexicali’s accessibility, here are travel options using a rented car when you arrive from any of these airports.


Mexicali is at the junction of major roads and expressways, that’s why traveling by land is very accessible. Some of major roads and interstates include: Federal Hi-way 2 going west to east from Tijuana to San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora; Interstate 8 from San Diego, CA to Arizona; and Federal Hi-way 5 to San Felipe.

Getting around Mexicali

There are two types of taxis in Mexicali – route taxis (taxi de ruta) and site taxi (taxi de sitio).

From San Diego International Airport

The San Diego International Airport is the closest major airport to Mexicali. From there, you can ride a bus to downtown San Diego. From San Diego, transfer to a Greyhound bus headed to Calexico, CA and just walk across the border to Mexicali.  You can also transfer to the Blue Line Trolley, from downtown San Ysidro. From there, you can walk into Tijuana and take an ABC or Grupo Estrella bus line to Mexicali.

From Yuma International Airport

From Yuma International Airport, take the S Pacific Ave going to E 16th St. To enter California, follow I-8 W onto CA-98 W heading to Imperial County. Then, take the CA-98 exit from I-8 W. Follow Tijuana-Mexicali and Carr Federal 2 de Cuota to Boulevard and turn left to Defensores de Baja California in Tecate, México. Driving from Yuma will take you 2 hours and 41 minutes to get to Tecate.

Why Choose Best Dentist in Mexico?

Destinations like Los Algodones, Tijuana, and Mexicali are considered hotspots in the dental tourism industry. In addition to cheap prescription drugs and variety of physicians’ clinics, retirees from Canada and the US journey to Mexicali (and these cities) because of high quality and affordable dental services they provide. Mexicali’s proximity to airports and major roads, also make it a convenient travel and dental destination. Most of Mexicali’s clinics provide General, Cosmetic, Implant and Oral Dentistry to international patients from the US, Europe, and Canada.

Since Mexicali has a humid climate, the best time to visit is during the winter between December to March. Expect that best dentist in mexicali mexico  are very busy during this time so booking an appointment earlier could help. You could also visit a dentist in late spring or fall to avoid long queues.

Dental clinics near the border of Mexicali specialize in variety dental services such as placement of onlays, inlays, veneers, implants, porcelain crowns, fixed bridges, and dental fillings.

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