Are Dental Implants Safe for the Elderly?

Are Dental Implants Safe for the Elderly?
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Are Dental Implants Safe for the Elderly?

For a lot of people heading into their senior years, problems with teeth will have been a common issue throughout their lives. Trips to the dentist are fairly commonplace throughout a modern individuals life, but when teeth start to need replacement, the most common solution tends to be dental implants.

Dental implants are a great choice for those with strong, health jaws and gums that can take the impact but, naturally, as time goes on our bodies are less resistant to such impacts. With this in mind, some concerns may exist about whether dental implants are safe for the elderly to use.

However, given that dental implants were first designed for use with the elderly and they have improved massively since they first appeared, there are little problems in theory. It’s not so much the age that can cause the problem with dental implants – it’s the person themselves.

Given that the body is less effective at handling trauma and things like surgery in later life, the real dental implant treatment can be too much for some. So, long as the person is fit and healthy, however, there should be minimal issues. After all, the Guinness World age record for a person undergoing an implant surgery is currently occupied by a 94-year-old, Mrs. Margaret Brown!

To make sure the treatment will be successful; x-rays should be carried out to make sure that the intended implant site is going to be suitable for implants.

Experts within the dental profession state that the treatment – and the choice of treatment – is entirely down to the health of the person, not down to the arbitrary age of someone.

In terms of the treatments effectiveness, dental professionals have made it known in the past that people ranging from 85-95 are still a strong candidate, and can heal up with the same effectiveness as a patient who is much younger. Even with things such as bone loss via Osteoporosis, dental implants can be fitted with minimal amounts of bone grafting being required, if any is required at all.

It’s important to understand the right kind of treatment solution for each patient, though, as there are many debates held over using normal dentures vs. dental implants. The most important thing to remember here is that most dental experts will recommend dental implants ahead of conventional dentures as they offer a long-lasting, effective treatment that can last for much longer. They also give a more comfortable long-term solution. Conventional dentures can eventually start to cause irreversible damage to the jaw, and should be avoided as a long-term solution.

Given that older patients do not suffer any purely on their age, it’s impossible for elderly people to have a specific recommendation; it comes down to the person entirely. Therefore, no age would really be considered to be “too old”; many people, such as Mrs. Brown, were capable of receiving this treatment for the last few years of their lives. The treatment can never be seen as having an age limit, and will typically work with anyone who needs dental implants and is healthy enough to withstand the impact of the procedure.

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