Driving using a car   

You can reach Mexicali through the Calexico border crossing. From the north, take CA-86 bound south; from east, get the route I-8W to arrive at exit 143 onto CA-98; from the west, get I-8E to exit 87 onto CA-98. When you drive from Mexico to the US, there is a new medical tourist lane for travelers (returning to the US). Thus, waiting times have been reduced from 3 hours to 20 minutes.

Other routes where you can reach Mexicali: from Tecate and Tijuana, drive to Mex-2. Though this is a scenic toll road, this will take longer compared to I-8. The toll fee to or from Tijuana will cost USD $14.


When you have reached the border, you can park your vehicle on the Calexico side and walk across. You can park at Calexico Parking and Storage located at 465 W. Second St. or at Double AA Parking located at 201 W. Second St. The parking fee costs around USD $4-9 per day. You can walk to the clinic or opt to take the taxi.




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