About Tijuana

Tijuana is the largest city on Baja California Peninsula. It is located in the heart of the industrial and financial area of the city and close to the best restaurants, shopping centers and tourist attractions. It is just minutes away from the international airport and the U.S. border crossing.

Monumental arch, Tijuana, Mexico

Weather Conditions:

Tijuana’s weather is considered to be like Mediterranean, in other words, every year it enjoys an average temperature of 68 F.

GPS Coordinates

Coordinates: 32°31′30″N 117°02′0″W


Local Attractions:

  • La Revolucion Ave: Virtually every visitor to Tijuana has to experience at least a brief stroll along raucous Av Revolución, also known as ‘La Revo’.
  • Museo de las Californias: The Museo de las Californias chronicles the history of Baja California from prehistoric times to the present. The exhibit kicks off with replica cave paintings, then covers important historical milestones, including the earliest Spanish expeditions under Hernán Cortés.
  • Caesar’s: Step inside and you are transported to the 1950s. Sepia pics line the walls, while the dark wood decor oozes elegance. The Caesar salad (M$90), prepared with panache at your table, was apparently invented here by the restaurant’s founder Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant from the 1920s.
  • Frontón Palacio Jai Alai: Oddly baroque in style, the striking Frontón Palacio Jai Alai is a Tijuana landmark fronting nearly an entire block of Av Revolución. Construction began in 1926, but wasn’t completed until 1947. For decades it hosted the fast-moving ball game of jai alai – a sort of hybrid between squash and tennis, originating in Spain’s Basque Country.

How to cross the border:

Crossing the border into Mexico usually takes just a few minutes. People have several choices for traveling between Tijuana and San Diego. The bright-red San Diego Trolley runs between its San Diego city and the San Ysidro stop, which sits adjacent to the pedestrian bridge leading to the Tijuana border-crossing station. Tourists also can drive down to the border on I-5 south and park their cars in one of the long-term lots on the US side before walking across the bridge into Mexico and returning the same way. Alternatively, you can drive to Tijuana after passing through the highway inspection gate at the border.

Paperwork needed to cross the border:

  • Passport: US citizens can cross the border coming back from Tijuana with nothing more than a valid passport or a US passport card.
  • Trusted Traveler Program Cards: US Customs and Border Protection also recognizes Trusted Traveler Program Cards.
  • Proof of Citizenship: US citizens without passports or special documents also can return across the border from Tijuana with two proofs of citizenship. The most common documents include a driver’s license and birth certificate, though documents such as military identification also work. Travelers 18 and younger must have a birth certificate if they are crossing without a passport.
  • Non-US Citizens: All non-US citizens must carry a valid passport as well as form I-94 and a multiple-entry visa. Legal aliens residing in the United States can cross over with a passport and their resident alien card.

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