Tamaulipas: Affordable Dental Care Just Across the Border

Tamaulipas is derived its name from Tamaholipa, which tam- its prefix is a Huastec term that means “place (where).” On the other hand, holipa, is interpreted as “high hills” or Ta ma ho’lipam which may mean “the place where Lipan’s prey”.

Tamaulipas is a state located in the Northeast of Mexico, bordered by different states such as Veracruz (southeast), San Luis Potosí (southwest) and Nuevo León (west). To its north, is a stretch of the US-Mexico border along the state of Texas, which is exactly 370 km.

Tamaulipas has 6 famous cities namely Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, La Pesca, Ciudad Victoria (the capital), Matamoros (border city) and Tampico, a city known for its nightlife and quality, fresh seafood.

GPS Coordinates of Tamaulipas: 

Location of Tamaulipas within Mexico is: 24° 16′ 0.984″ N 98° 50′ 10.59″ W


It has a humid subtropical climate.


Mexican Pesos however, USD is also used as in many border cities.


Spanish is Tamaulipas’ main language but English is also spoken.

What to do in Tamaulipas

Enjoy the beaches located at La Pesca, a small fishing village and growing tourist destination located at the Rio Soto La Marina.

Go fishing in the Rio Soto La Marina and the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit Ciudad Victoria which is the significant educational center of Tamaulipas, home to renowned universities Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, the Regional Technical Institute of Ciudad Victoria and University of Valle de Bravo.

Experience the Festival Internacional Tamaulipas or the Tamaulipas International Festival, which is held every October. It has cultural and artistic events that contain concerts, cinema exhibits, and plays. Yearly it attracts throngs of people who are passionate about Mexican heritage and culture.

Ways to Stay Safe in Tamaulipas

  1. Do not forget your passport and or tourist card during military checkpoints and especially when crossing the border.
  2. Wherever you go in Mexico, nude sunbathing is illegal.
  3. Drink bottled or purified water.
  4. Avoid getting drunk and use illegal drugs, as Mexican laws are different than yours.