Car Rental vs. Walking across the border


Car rental in Los Algodones Mexico can provide a greater travelling experience. You can explore Mexico’s historic colonial towns, spectacular beaches and landscapes with more freedom and flexibility – all the more when you decide to mix “treatments with pleasure.”

But before deciding to rent one, here are some things you need to know before renting a car in Los Algodones.

See the sights in Mexican colonial towns on foot.

Rent a car from the city or town you are based, so you could exhaust your day trips at your own pace and convenience.

Common requirements for Car Rental in Los Algodones:

  • You should be at least 25 years old and have been driving for 2-5 years if you plan to rent a car.
  • Bring a valid credit card.
  • Present you current and valid driver’s license showing your name (preferably printed in Western characters) with a photograph.

Important details to check in your car rental agreement include your liabilities in the event of a total loss or accident of the vehicle.

Car rental rates become cheaper the longer you rent the car.

Rent a car through booking online, so you will pay cheaper prices.

Inspect the car before you sign the exit form.

Check the car’s underside before driving it.

Your credit card will be charged a fixed damages fee if you did not avail of a full coverage.

Damages on the rental car under a third-party policy may still warrant charges reimbursed through the credit card or insurance company.

Top Car Rental in Los Algodones Mexico

Here are top car rental companies you can book when travelling to Los Algodones for dental care.

Alamo Car Rental

Avail of Alamo’s unlimited mileage program, where you could travel any distance when renting a car at no extra costs in Los Algodones, and explore Mexico like no other.


Take advantage of Avis’ nationwide network reservation services, where you could rent a car in any destination in the world.


Europcar’s car rental services offer a wider selection of rental cars depending on what you need for travel, may it be automatic, for family use or a compact sedan.


Hertz, one of the world’s market leader in car rentals has branches in over 8,000 locations and Hertz has one even in Los Algodones.

National Car Rental

With National Car Rental, you can easily choose the car of your choice, and drive away anywhere in the world.


Sixt Car Rental Services in Los Algodones offers a lowest price guarantee including insurance and taxes every time you rent a car.

car rental in Los Algodones


When arriving at the border, you can park your car at parking lots near the border of Los Algodones, owned by the local Quechan Indian tribe. The parking lot closes at 10 PM (Arizona time) and parking lot prices range from USD $5-$22. You can park a variety of vehicles – may it be a car, pick-up truck, motorcycle, dune buggies, camper trucks, semi-truck with rigs and even heavy equipment. Overnight parking may be provided with approval.

Most dentists in Los Algodones are located within 4-5 blocks of the border crossing. After parking your car or RV, it will only take you 5 minutes to go to Los Algodones.


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